Monday, 31 October 2011

Sunny Sundays

Hello to everyone visiting here in the past weeks.days/hours. Still tends to amaze me that over 7000 viewers from across the globe have had a peek at my ramblings. Thanks again.

Next week see's the 'BIG' Bike Show in Birmingham UK, probably the largest collection of manufacturers, suppliers and businesses in the UK trade, showing their wares to us 'punters'.

It's a costly affair with entry fees, parking and 90 miles each way. last years show was just about ruined by heavy snow, so maybe this time it might get busy. I will probably turn up like a dud battery, I need some winter gloves anyway, and often there are some bargains to be searched out.

I have been having word a with the new North West Blood Bikes, a charity (in the making), that rushes about the country with supplies of donated blood and baby milk, for free, 24-7. Aimed at the health service and hospitals, Breast Milk banks etc, they do it for nothing, and even pay their own fuel (for now).

Find them on Twitter and Facebook, and LIKE/Follow their progress.


I recently bought this little Kawazaki Z250LTD for Sharon (Mrs R2M), as a doer upper. Shaz took here CBT earlier in the year, so to encourage her to take a further test before heading out, the 250 will be just enough until she gets a few miles done. Keep looking though, as it will soon be 'Electric Blue'. Renamed Kawashazy too..

After my experiences on the big Honda Goldwing, and my own R1200GSa, the heavy work loads have become the norm, and I have added the task of carrying camera men to my remit, to get some more mileage in.

My CV now looks like a copy of war and piece, and as my standard fully loaded kerbside weight has been in the 390- 500kgs range this year and for some time, having a monkey on the back throwing a 30kg camera around makes things so much simplier. (Honest)

Visit my Facebook page and vote for the photo competition....please I am also trying to boost my twitter friends at

another new one. E mail NO PHISHERMEN PLEASE

Phew, that was a long post. It's now 1am though as the clocks went back today it would have been 2am. We have this weird hour gain and loss each year, to gain a few more hours daylight in the winter.

It doesn't work, it's still dark when you get up, and dark on the way home from work by the end of November.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Where did October go?

Time seems to fly by when you get busy. Just finished a brick effect job on a portable cabin. my new website.

The riding season is coming to a close for the recreational riders of the UK. Despite a bit of a heat wave in early October.The temperatures were strangly high for Autumn, the cooler air though has returned, with rain and high winds over the past few days.

My biking days have included a return trip to London (390 miles) using the motorways. (Freeways), this was a business trip, and as the client was in Chelsea, the thought of trains, cabs or driving was a no no. Stopping often in central London, I found the traffic to be crazy, though the car drivers are very bike aware.

I pulled up next to a Police biker, and asked him how he dealt with this everyday. The reply is not printable, but simple to say he was not a happy chappy.

As my old Transit van is at the end of its usefull life (without a major spend), I have been pootleing around on the GS. I love my bike, and despite the hassle of getting it out of the garage, putting on my gear (15mins) , and always concerned about the weather...... it's all worth it !

No work now, so a bit worried about the pre-Christmas run. Some years I have been mad busy right up to Xmas and beyond, the last two years the cupboard is bare.

I am looking for a proper job, and once again both Shaz and myself consider moving to France or in fact anywhere for a warmer, less costly alternative to the Dark Satanic Mills of norther England.

Big bike show at the NEC Birmingham in November. so something to look forward to.

Novemeber in a few days, so hoping to get out and about as much as possible. During the last few days I have been putting my video clips in order, and today will send them off to be edited. Road2Manchester the movie ...... soon..... maybe.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Ted Simon Foundation

North West Blood Bikes are setting up a Manchester branch of the NABB and currently looking for members and helpers. NWBB is a charity delivery service (My motorcycle), for bloods, baby milk and other emergency items. Run by volunteers and seeking their charity registration at the moment. PLEASE visit and 'like' their page.

Thursday evening 6th October saw the launchof the TED SIMON FOUNDATION at Coventry Transport Museum. I attended and sat there with 100+ other like minded travellers and wanna-go's (not wanna-be's).

The concept of TSF is for those who have had some success within the world of media, travel writing and publishing within the 'Round the World' genre, to help other travellers get their message out in into the world. Sixteen 'Jupiters Travellers' have already been selected from around the world, and we will see just what the TSF can do.

Jupiters Travellers some have been, some are going, watch this space.

Search the web and for more details.

If you have not read Jupiter Travels or Jupiter Returns, then you should.

Ted Simon and I enjoy a tipple before the start.

Also there on the night. Sam Manicom, Lois Pryce, Austin Vince, Paddy Tyson and many well know names from the RTW world.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Over the past month, bike travel has been interupted again and again by work, holidays, work and weather.
A nice days ride over the Yorkshire Dales with my brother in Law (Arn) was welcome, as he hired a Honda from Hunts in Manchester for the weekend.
For once the weather was in our favor, and the ride over to Settle then towards Ingleboro and Hawes was fast and the quiet roads gave us a chance to take in the great views.
160 miles of 85% small twisty lanes and the rest a mix of motorway and a few towns to get us into the countryside.

I got the opportunity to do a bit of writing, and the book is at least 3000 words in the making. Lots more to go though.

October already, and despite a week of silly high temperatures in the 80's , the 6th (Thursday) returns of high winds and heavy rain makes it feel more like autumn.

Yesterday I went off to London on my trusty GS, to see a new client.
7 am start 196 miles each way, got the deal and back by 5pm without getting wet.
Sore all over, and rode in high winds most of the day.
£40 in petrol, but I did 'get along' at a pace on occasion.
London is a crazy place to ride, but most drivers are very bike aware compared to most roads in the UK. Still mad.... just aware that any gap will be filled with a bike.

Today is the launch of the Ted Simon Foundation at the Coventry National Transport Museum. 6-11pm
6.11.1973 at 6pm Ted started his RTW odyssey that became Jupiter Travels. The rest is history and tonight at 6pm the adventure biker world meet up to launch the foundation.

Am I going? Not 'arf !


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