Thursday, 30 July 2009

BIKERS join me for a mile.

Crickey Charlie, well William actually. Just shocked about the number of celebs that are bikers. Here is a list and the challenge for today is to get
A) At least a penny sponsorship from ya'all. You are either IN or your N'owt. (As Geldoff once said.).

B) You can join me for a mile whilst passing your nearest county.

Amanda Bearse Aaron Eckhart Caprice Hulk Hogan
ANASTACIA (please please) Adrian Brody Carre Otis Ice Cube
Angela Jolie. Oh yes. Al gore Catherine Ball Jay Leno
Ann Richards Al Kaline Charle Sheen Jezzer Irons
Antonio Banderas Alanis Morisette CHER Jim carrey
Axl Rose Aland band Cindy Margolis Jessica alba
Ben Campbell Alfonso Ribeiro Clint Eastwood John Travolta
Bill Goldberg Alton Brown Dan Akroyd Jude Law
Bill Mueller. Billy Bob Thornton The Hoff Kate Hudson
Bill wallace Billy Gibbons Demi Moore Keanu Reeves
Billy Joel Bob Geldoff (Sir) Dennis Hopper (a must) King of Jordon
Prince William Bob Segar Doobie Bros Kyle Petty
BONO Brad Pit Fabio (bit of competition) Laurence Fishbourne
Branscombe Richmond (Cool) Bree Turner Gary Condit Leo Dicaprio
Brian Bosworth Brock Lesnor Harrison Ford Llam Nealson (I will find you)
Bruce The Boss Springsteen. Bruce Willis Heatgher Kozar Malcolm S forbes
Bryan Adams Cameron Dias Hugh Laurie Marc Knopller
Mary Hart Matt Le Blanc Mel Gibson Michael Schumaker
Mickey Rourke Mike Oldfield Naomi Watts Nastassja Kinski
Nick Cage Nikki Sixx Orlando Bloom Ozzy Ozbourne
Pam Anderson PETER FONDA PINK Russel Crowe
Rutger Hauer SAM ELLIOT Sheryl Crowe Slash
Sting Ewan and Charlie Tom Cruise Vin Diesel

Well thats a few of you, if you a a biker or know others.... register for a Pee.

One penny, one cent, one Dollar one Euro, one day, one world one litre, one aim, water for one....everyone.

Real bikers care.

pennyperlitre at twitter.

S'all gone pear shaped.

Ohhhhh! not good at the moment. Still trying to get TV sponsorship, but ready to approach Triumph again ref T Bird: Nice size and more agile than the Rocket. Got some good leads forUK and USA.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Lincoln Square to Free Trade Hall

Lincoln Square, Queen Street Manchester UK, and the massively tall Lincoln Statue with carving of of his letter to Manchester.
Lincoln Square is off Deansgate (the main road through the busy cafe culture centre of town). Though this famous friend has links with the city, many people will have never seen this quiet corner, with it's paved area and benches. Surrounded by offices and a few cafes and a pub, the square is only 60 mtrs off the main road. Lincoln himself an inpressive 12ft or so tall on a 8ft marble plinth, looks over the Manc's as they enjoy a few rays of sun after an afternoon of heavy showers.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Twitter account followers still growing. The 'water' charity theme seems to be hitting home.
It's the one thing we can not survive with, and without the simplest supply of clean water, millions will die this year across the globe.
If this was a dictatorship, government or religious group causing this disaster, there would be outrage. 1 penny, 1 cent, 1 nickle, from all of you will do. Pennyperlitre is the twitter site, go there and join in.
coming soon MILLION PIXEL SITE add your pennies worth.

Monday, 20 July 2009


twitter me at pennyperlitre wanted 1,000,000 followers

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Summer Finshed.

Wow, the Triumph Rocket is a big bike. Hard on the arms to keep on under acceleration. Choices still to make.

Rain all day today so not going out. Harley the dog being a pest, wants too much attention.

Tesco dayz...... what have we become, when the entertainment for a WEEKEND IS TO SHOP.
Brits have gone mad. Can't buy it, but no harm in looking, why not go back to work Monday with a feeling of defeat. One day eh Doris!!?

Monday, 13 July 2009

OK Abe Lincoln.

Pres Abe Lincoln memorial statue in Lincoln Square, Manchester, UK Good place to start the journey. Captains log, Star Date 31st Dec 2009. Then across town to the Free Trade Hall refer to letters from Mr President Lincoln read here 200 years ago. Next stop Manchester Town Hall visit Mayor to receive message for all Mayors across USA Manchesters.

Busy Busy........
Launching Millon Pixel Sponsorship map this week. Site addess to follow.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday again.

Manchester Manchester, spent a great night in town Friday. Really busy as weather was OK, Must get answer from Town Hall and some photos of landmarks.

Thursday, 9 July 2009


If you are anywhere on this map, you can sponsor by adding your advert, logo or message in 10 pixel squares (min 100) The route through the Manchesters will go first. Sell your service now.

Triumph Rocket 111 Touring.

Going over to Blackburn later to see a Rocket. Must get a photo or two of me on one.
Also reading book (Good Vibrations) just to get the juices flowing. Scores 5/10
Read this and " These are the days that must happen to you" Dan Walsh. 9/10
Long Way Round and LW Down, McGregor Boorman. 9/10- 7/10
Jupiter Travels and Jupiter Returns by Ted God. 10/10 - 9/10
Lois on the Loose. 4/10

So watch out for US of AManchester, byMe

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Calling all Manchesters

OK it starts tonight.
Contacting all Manchesters (including mine), To get tV and Radio contacts, mayors etc.
all replys to

The badge

received a friendship badge from US embassy in London with letter of support. Just waiting for reply from Harley Davidson and Triumph America regarding the bike to use. Brit Airways not too happy to give away trans atlantic flights until more media involvement. (typical).

Mike Jackson memorial on TV, he was a year younger than me..... need to do this even more now. LIFE LESS ORDINARY must watch that film???